Revealed that 5 clubs are interested in Nico Gonzalez.

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Barcelona’s 21-year-old midfielder Nico Gonzalez is currently a target of five clubs. Derio Sport reported on Sunday that at least five clubs are interested in Barcelona midfielder Nico Gonzalez the 21 year old. Who is likely to be release from Sportify Camp Nou this summer. 

Nico is a youngster at Barcelona who was release to Valencia on loan last season. Before returning to the club this summer. But it appears the 21-year-old is not in manager Xavi Hernandez’s plans. 

Meanwhile, the club’s poor financial situation has force them to release a number of players in order to register players before the start of next season. With Nico being one of them. Although it is unclear whether the Azulgra team will let the 21-year-old midfielder be sold outright or on loan.

According to Derio Sport. At least five clubs are interest in Nico. With four in Spain – Valencia, Real Sociedad, Real Betis and Another club from Portugal is FC Porto UFABET

Fran’s son Has dreams of winning La Liga following in his father’s footsteps which he gave an interview to the local media that “My father took care of me all the time. Father’s high experience Can help me.”

Nico, who has a contract with Barcelona until 2024, wears the number 14 shirt in place of Philippe Coutinho and when he can win La Liga. It will surely be a very special moment for the Gonzalez family.