Manchester United, the opening game at home, beat Fulham

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Manchester United, the opening game at home, beat Fulham, the 8th round of the FA Cup 3-1 last night – Player Ratings.

Manchester United player ratings 

David De Gea – 8/10

There is a rhythm to exert beautiful saves to help the team many times. Especially in the beginning of the second half. That was hit hard As for the goal conced. It was too close to do anything more.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 7/10

The right-sided defensive game was good despite heavily attack by Willian and Anthony Robinson.

Harry Maguire (captain) – 7/10

Even without serious mistakes But today there are some exciting moments, both slippery and falling moments, including small risky ball runs.

Lisandro Martinez – 7/10

Pairing up with the captain seems to make the workload seem more intense. Had to keep chasing Mitrovic. Which was consider good. Even though there are some missed strokes, it doesn’t damage anything.

Luke Shaw – 7/10

Wasn’t tested much on the left bank. Giving the opportunity to fill the game higher He was the one who inserted it to allow Sabitzer to score a goal towards the end of the game.

Scott McTominay – 6/10

Controlling the midfield game is not as good as it should be. Connecting the game in the middle of the field. But the defensive game seems to have some problems in dealing with the speed of the Fulham attackers. Unfortunately miss a golden opportunity from a tight shot to be blocked.

Marcel Sabitzer – 7/10

Chasing the ball in the middle of the field Running up and down to support teammates The role is not much until inserting to score a goal for the team in the 77th minute.

Jadon Sancho – 7/10

The rest of the players have the same role as the game, there are quite a few. Got the ball, still couldn’t do much. But it was the one who called the red card from a single stroke and shot into Willian’s arm after taking advantage of the player, giving him space and having a chance to make some beautiful games

Bruno Fernandes – 8/10

Carrying the game in the center of the team instead of Casemiro, although at first he could not do much, but after falling down to stand low, the role looked more, scoring 2 goals from the penalty spot and a single drop in stoppage time.

Marcus Rashford – 6/10

Today, there are some chances to win, but it’s not clear enough. Unable to duel Tete until. He finally look quiet and was substitute.