Man United 3-1 Fulham: Hot topic after the FA Cup game

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Man United 3-1 Fulham: Hot topic after the FA Cup game. The Red Devils overtake Fulham, 9 people advance to the round.

9 Fulham with 3 red cards

It really cannot be denied that the turning point of today’s game was in the 75th minute. When Jadon Sancho slip solo to lock and avoid Leno. Leaving only the mouth of the goal open before shooting for sure. Which the ball was about to enter the goal. But Willian did not know where it came from, narrowly jumped to block the ball. Which is the source of Fulham’s downfall, because after Chris Cavanat decided to walk to watch. VAR stopped by to give Marco Silva the first red card to the visiting team manager. Expected to be from using impolite words to scold the referee. After checking the VAR, he went to give Willian a red card for the charge of brushing the ball. But then Alexander Mitrovic came running to pray. The big referee pulled and pulled until he received another red card. Which means that in addition to losing a penalty. They still have 9 people left on the field. Perhaps the split-second decision can really decide the game. Because if Will Lian tried to use his chest to catch it, or at worst, let it go. Maybe the result is just always.

Mitrovic Willian carries the offensive game.

If not counting the 3 red card events mentioned above I have to admit that Fulham fought evenly and was able to do better than that from taking the lead. Before 0-1 in the second half, because in the first 70 minutes Manchester United, despite having more possession of the ball, did not. can put a lot of pressure on the visiting team Plus being attacked by the counter ball until David de Gea had to exert himself to save many times And, of course, their danger is the spearhead. Alexander Mitrovic, who is both tall and large, collects the ball and opens the header, it’s good that the ball in the air seems to be able to eat it all. Including Aki, Willian Star, 34 years old, but still fluttering like in the 27th generation, dragging and dragging, creating a stir for the Red Devils defensive line as well. Unfortunately.. getting a red card at the same time for both pairs Otherwise, they may have already made it to the finals, who knows?

No one can replace Casemiro.

After the game, many people may think that the absence of Casemiro does not affect anything. But if you look at the picture of tonight’s game, you can say “Yes” and it’s a lot. Because in this game, sending McTominay down to pair with Sabitzer makes their midfield game dimension almost completely disappear, especially with Scotty, who follows a simple, blunt style of play. So special that it has almost no role in the creation of the game And that turns out that when the middle of the game can’t drive ahead, you have to wait for a long ball in one place, Fulham keeps eating comfortably. 

Made the game counter-attack back into a dangerous area until De Gea had to exert himself many times, until when Eric Ten Hag solved the game, changed McTominay to back down, Bruno went down, the game looked instantly more dimensional by Only the counter-attack that is the turning point of the game, perhaps if there is a Makto on the field, that moment may be blindfolded, cleared for a long time, into Leno’s hand.

Hard work still awaits them.

Victory in this game for the Red Devils has taken us into the last four of the FA Cup this season. In which the opponent in the next round of Manchester United is Brighton. The dark horse’s top team, who have previously beaten them in the league. Another favorite, Manchester City, will face Sheffield United, with both games facing each other at Wembley in one-legged matches. 

But thinking in an optimistic way is better than facing Manchester City. However, if they are going to lift this trophy, it is inevitable that even through the Seagull Army. There is a very high chance that the opponent in the final will be a joint opponent. A city like the Blue Sailboat, or if you want to take it more casually, you have to pray for Sheffield United to turn the lock and cut City instead. But don’t forget that they have to go through Brighton as well, so this April 22-23 round. The last 4 teams don’t miss out!