Jurgen Klopp dances with his new teammates.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is extremely excited about the immediate impact. And future of the club following the arrival of new signing Dominic Soboslai.

The 22-year-old becomes the Reds’ second signing of the summer after joining from Leipzig on Sunday and signing a five-year deal with the club.

Hungary captain Zoboslai arrives on Merseyside after a very successful two-and-a-half year in the Bundesliga where he scored 20 goals and provided 22 assists in 91 appearances UFABET

“The first thing I would say is welcome Dominic to Liverpool. I know how excited he is to be here with us. So it is important that he understands that we are all as excited as him.” Jurgen Klopp told the club’s official website.

“We know a bit about Dominic as a competitor. Because we had a few very difficult games against Salzburg when he was playing there. And I think everyone who watched the match would realize that even in that arena he was an interesting guy.”

“I’m sure he was just a teenager back then. And since then he has made great progress, moving to Leipzig and doing very well in the Bundesliga. plays for the Hungarian national team And then captain the national team at an unbelievably young age.”

“These are valid positives. And this is before we even think about his qualities as a footballer. I won’t talk too much about them right now. Unless they were in a way that would hopefully bring much enjoyment. and help us get results.”

“There is no pressure, Dominic is a young player. He has a lot of improvements ahead. And that means it makes sense for us all to be patient and give him the time and space to bring his talent into our squad.

“The good thing is that we have supporters who understand the process. I know the fans are just as excited as we are but I know that too. Because they will help us immensely in terms of creating the conditions for Dominic to thrive.”

“From the club he was at. league he plays and the family he is a part of It’s clear that he already excels in football. So our responsibility now is to continue learning with him as part of the Liverpool family.”

“Everything about it is good news. And I’m grateful to everyone at the club for making it happen. This is a contract for our present and future as well.”