Arsenal players grade as they thrash Crystal Palace 4-1

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Arsenal players are graded as they thrash Crystal Palace 4-1 in the Premier League: Player Ratings.

Arsenal player ratings 

Aaron Ramsdale – 7/10
Luckily Zaha’s shot early in the game that hit the post bounced off his back. Later, he saved the shot of the same Saha to help the team again. At the end of the game, Eze’s shot was saved from close range, helping the team not to concede the second goal.

Ben White – 8/10
Outstanding performance in this game. Have the opportunity to fill up high, ready to make 1 assist from the rhythm of paying through, allowing Saka to slip into the shot Coordinates perfectly with teammates both offensively and defensively.

Rob Holding – 7/10
Despite not making mistakes that cost the team a goal. But it seems that the coordination with Gabriel is not perfect, especially at the beginning of the game when there is still a rhythm to check the offside line.

Gabriel Magalhaes – 7/10
Clean up the last stroke. use strength to attack Dealing well with the attacking game on the right flank

Palace Oleksandr Zinchenko – 7/10 The defensive
game handles Olise well. But today there are not many opportunities to fill up high. Most of them will move the valley to help connect the ball in the middle more.

Thomas Partey – 8/10
Outstanding control of the rhythm of the midfield game. Keep the ball, rest the ball well with the ball. Steady on the ball, smooth transition from offensive to defensive
There were strokes that had slipped up into dangerous areas many times. Along with scoring 1 goal from a lucky shot in the penalty area, the ball squeeze the post into the goal.

Martin Odegaard – 7/10
Keeping the game in the front. Today, I don’t seem to play much with the ball because most of the game will be on the edge of the line.