Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace: Issues after the Premier League game

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Arsenal 4-1 Crystal Palace: Issues after the Premier League game, the artillery opened the house to defeat Palace last night.

The ball changed the coach, what can the artillery not do?

Before the game, there was a big point for Crystal Palace. They sacked Frenchman Patrice Vieira. After a poor run of performances throughout 2023. Thi came to serve as a temporary substitute until a new team manager was found. This makes the Arsenal fans feel a bit cold and hot. Because this year the ball changed the coach. It seems to be a mystery like they use to play by Sean Dyce’s Everton. This game turned out. The host’s fervor seems to have completely buried the curse. With a fierce performance with a score of 4-1. Getting 3 points in the London derby game This weekend has gone wonderfully.

Palace still missing

In fact, early in this game, they seem to create a good impression. There was a stroke to attack the empty space in the back of Arsenal until. He had many chances to finish. But it turned out to be without luck and lacking sharpness itself. Until the home team can set up the game. It becomes fold and attacked on one side until the end of the game. Which the obvious problem of the away team in this game is that the defensive game looks extremely loose. Partly because of the lack of Joachim Anderson. Which James Tomkins, acting today’s replacement, was hit. Worked so hard that it rotted into nothing. In addition, the offensive game does not have any sort of system, hope for. But only uses the unique abilities of the players, especially from Wilfried Zaha. Who almost plays alone. But hit the back panel, the artillery crowded the table until he couldn’t do much

Bukayo Saka had a great season.

Arsenal’s only 21-year-old attacker, Bukayo Saka, scored two goals in the net, plus one assist in the opener for Gabriel Martinel. Lee scored his first goal, meaning he had 12 goals and 11 assists, his highest since being promoted to the first team in 2018. Before 11 goals, he was also the first Arsenal player to both score and assist more than 10 goals in a season after Alexis Sanchez.

Lack of saliba, no problem (really?)

Today, Arsenal does not have the name of William Saliba, a good defender. Who has been the main force for the team throughout this season. Part of which the team’s performance has flown so far so far can’t be denied .That it’s because this center pairs with Gabriel very strong and well. But unfortunately came back injured in the Europa League game that lost on penalties to Real Betis in midweek until he had to rest for at least three weeks. Which Mikel Arteta managed to deliver in this game. Rob Holding came on instead, if at first glance, although nothing bad. 

But it began to be evident that the inconsistencies with the confusion in the position and the error of some offside checks. It’s still good to face an opponent with a poor offensive game like Crystal Palace. But if you look at the next opponents in April after the international break, there are Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City and if Sali Ba hasn’t come back yet, so we’ll have to see if Holding can stay like this in every match or not?